What 's in LIsa's Bag?

I usually take two different bags out to the boulders. The Petzl BUG (Bag A) has my every day bouldering essentials that can stay packed between trips. The Bug slots into my pad well and holds the things I need. The other bag (Bag B) is a soft bag that has items that might need to be replaced--it also has my files and tape for skin maintenance. I just fold this bag and stuff it, as it is easy to mold. Often I leave Bag A in my car or garage, while Bag B I bring into the house.
1. CIRRO crash pad.
2. NIMBO circuit pad. I have also starting taking at least one NIMBO pad everywhere – super useful for sit-starts and low roof climbing.
3. Down Jacket. In addition to these bags and their contents, I rarely go anywhere without a down jacket of some kind. Even in the summer I’ll take a light one.
Bag A
4. BUG pack. 
6. Climbing Shoes. I use for bouldering such as my Evolv Shamans.
7. Guidebook.
8. Chalk Bag. Included with my chalk bag is always a soft bristled bouldering brush.
9. Headlamp. I like a rechargeable model such as the Tikka RXP and charge it before leaving.
10. First Aid Kit. Superlight kit with band-aids, antisceptic gel, sanitizers, Benedryl for bug bites, asprin, Advil.
Bag B
11. Extra Clothes. Typically I bring silk weight thermals, leg warmers (cold-weather secret weapon!), and a cozy beanie hat. These items will vary based on the weather of course.
12. Food. Typically I make one peanut butter and jelly sandwich on sprouted-wheat bread. I pretty much always bring an apple and an energy bar.
13. Bug Spray. This might be in the bag but this depends on the time of year and where I am going.
14. Ditty Bag. This bag holds my personal bouldering items such as my diamond files for skin maintenance, fingernail clippers, athletic tape for split finger tips, New Skin for really bad cuts, disposable hand warmers for cold temperatures, lip gloss and tissues.
15. Nalgene Bottle. Quite often I add a diluted electrolyte replacement drink to my water. For long days I will bring a second bottle, mixed half-and-half with water and caffeinated energy drink.
16. Cell Phone. Charge it before you go because you might need it in an emergency!